Oil & Gas

Oil & Gas

Oil & Gas (Hydrocarbon) Sector is one of the key driving forces of any economy, and in particular for countries in the Middle East region. This section includes the processes of Oil and Gas exploration, extraction, refining, storage and transportation, and marketing of petroleum products. It is broadly classified into Upstream, Midstream and Downstream businesses.

TECTON focuses on executing parts of upstream projects, and downstream projects; primarily pipeline systems for transportation and distribution in onshore fields, plant offsite facilities, tank farms and terminals. TECTON has the experience of design, build, and deliver the best solutions on time and maintaining the highest safety and quality standards.

TECTON's Services encompass Project Management, Engineering, Procurement and Construction of

  • Oil & Gas Pipelines
  • Fuel Storage Tanks
  • Upstream And Downstream EPC Projects
  • Downstream Facilities, Turnarounds & Maintenance
  • Associated Civil, Structural, Mechanical, Electrical and Instrumentation

Like all other industries, Hydrocarbon Industry also has a dependence on water. TECTON offers best-in-class solutions for the judicial use of water from optimized production of water through desalination, and for the re-use of wastewater and effluent by various advanced treatment techniques.

TECTON has successfully executed gas pipeline projects including launching and receiving stations, customer receipt and metering facilities, upgradation of paraffinic naphtha tanks and associated assets, and condensate drainage & separation systems.