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Awards & Recognition

TECTON is proud to proclaim that all of our accomplishments were through continuous efforts, innovative methods, and above all, with Safety and Quality as the hallmark of operations.

We follow the best practices in everything we do to keep Safety at the forefront while providing works and services at a higher Quality than expected by our customers to ensure that our completed projects will remain reliable over their lifetime. Furthermore, we always strive to execute all activities with our Sustainability and Social commitments in mind.

International Safety Awards

The widely recognised and coveted International Safety Award is presented by the British Safety Council. The organisations that have exhibited the best practices in the Health, Safety, and Environment around the world are bestowed with this prestigious award.

TECTON is proud to have received this coveted award consecutively for the past fourteen years - 2007 to 2021.

Other HSE Recognition

2021 OSHMS Certificate

TECTON believes that all accidents are preventable. We strive for continuous improvement of our HSE performance by the efficient management of HSE systems. The Safety of our people comes first and foremost in every area of our business.

TECTON Occupational Safety and health systems are certified ISO 45001: 2018 and Abu Dhabi Public Health Centre.

Client Recognition

Clients appreciate TECTON for its outstanding work.

TECTON is proud to have received several prestigious awards and honors recognising its innovative, technical, and sustainable achievements in the international water sector.