Operation and Maintenance

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Worldwide, today there is a surge in integrated projects such as Engineering Procurement Construction with Operation and Maintenance (EPC + O&M), Design, Build and Operate (DBO), and Design, Build, Operate and Maintain (DBOM) projects. TECTON has developed its in-house team for executing Operation and Maintenance (O&M) projects and integrated projects. TECTON's O&M team has many years of O&M experience and is successfully running the plants.
TECTON's range of O&M services include Comprehensive Operation and Maintenance, Non-Comprehensive Operation and Maintenance, Reliability Services, Breakdown and Overhauling

TECTON provides O&M services as required by end clients including:

  • Management and Administration
  • Operation planning and scheduling
  • System Development
  • Continuous Monitoring
  • Collection of Operational data
  • Operational Reliability and Sustainability of Facility
  • Reliability Engineering Support
  • Various types of Maintenance Services
  • Assessment, Inspection, Repair and Restoration of Facility
  • Quality and Control
  • Health Safety and Environment (HSE) Management
  • Operational and Environmental Hazards Mitigation
  • Storage and Maintenance of Operational Spare Parts
  • Inventory Management through ERP
  • Procurement and Logistics Support
  • Training and Development of End Client Engineers and Technicians