Tubli STP Expansion Phase 4

Project Information

  • Tubli STP Expansion Phase 4Contract / Project Name:
  • Ministry of Works, Municipalities Affaris & Urban Planning, BahrainClient:
  • BahrainLocation:
  • SPP-17/10Project No:

Project Description

Key Features:

  • Sewage Treatment Plant of Capacity Addition of 200,000 m3/day (44 MIGD) to existing 200,000 m3/day (44 MIGD) and peripherally associated units with nominal total treatment plant capacity of 400,000 m³/day (88 MIGD).
  • Deep Gravity Sewer (DGS) pipeline, Inlet Pumping Station, Preliminary Treatment, Biological (Secondary) Treatment stage with advanced treatment technology, Tertiary Treatment, Sludge Treatment, TSE Pump Station.
  • Operation & Maintenance of the Tubli STP Expansion Phase 4 and existing Tubli STP for 10 years after commissioning of Tubli STP Expansion Phase 4.
  • Buildings, Substation, Electromechanical Works, Electrical, Instrumentation Control & Automation Works.
  • Micro-tunneling and Road Works.