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Tecton’s thinking process towards sustainability starts at the beginning and continues throughout a project’s life cycle.

Our designs focus on keeping the engineering simple and sustainable in the long run.

Our work practices include minimizing resources – in particular the use of temporary materials for construction use.  Thrust is given to prevent misuse of water, electricity and fuel during all phases of our construction activities.  Preventing wasteful use of valuable resources not only helps the environment needs but also keeps our costs down.

We, at Tecton put in our best efforts to select locally manufactured products for use in our projects. This is not only a good practice, but also makes strong business sense.

Tecton hires as much as possible, manpower from the community.  We also train local workmen to make them employable on our projects.

Tecton does not believe in ‘Green’ rhetoric; We have a “Green” culture that we implement pragmatically.

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