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EPC Works for Al Ain Water Distribution Pipeline from AARC to Zakher & Al Maquam Palace

Our Scope:

The scope of work for the system, including connection and integration into existing facilities and installations is mainly containing the following activities : Lot A:

a) Supply and installation of approx . 20 . 8 km DN 1600 and approx . 4 . 5 km DN 1000 ductile iron pipes from AARC to end of segment P1F (connection to pipeline segment P1G) including the branch line to Maquam Palace and including all necessary appurtenances like line valve, vent- and drain stations, etc.

b) Supply and construction of Tap-Off- and Tie-In Stations RP-01 (Al Dhama), RP-02 (Jimi Wadi Farms), RP-03 (Maquam PS), RP-04 (Shuaiba Farms) and RP-05 (Maquam Palace) including power supply, ICT facilities and all required structures.wage networks, New Pressure sewer lines, New Gravity sewer lines and associated Road Works, Waste and Storm Water Works and associated Infrastructure activities.


Al Ain / UAE


Abu Dhabi Transmission & Despatch Company - TRANSCO

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