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N 3850 + VO 1, Upgrading of Mirfa, Madinat Zayed, Mazaira & Liwa Area Water Transmission Scheme

Our Scope:

EPC Scope includes obtaining necessary clearances from various authorities, basic engineering, designing, preparation of shop drawings, technical submittal & obtain approvals for all materials, equipments & designing, procurement & supply, shop fabrication, factory testing, conducting client approved third party/consultant approvals, transportation to site, storing, handling, delivery, Construction, Erection, Installation, testing, commissioning, preparation of "As Build Drawings", project record books & manuals, supply of spares & taking the system into O&M & handing over of fully operation plant of

Scope of this project includes following major facilities to be built in EPC mode.

At Madinat Zayed


Mirfa & Madinat Zayed / UAE


Abu Dhabi Transmission & Despatch Company - TRANSCO

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