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Tecton has the experience and expertise in providing end to end solutions in field of  Environmental Engineering, particularly for treatment of water and waste water.   Desalination Tecton actively encourages, supports and invests in this technology, always striving to achieve  better efficiencies and economies, which ultimately lead to a more sustainable development.    Tecton has built-up strong capabilities in the design, engineering and installation of desalination  plants; and relentlessly pursuing for rapid growth in both the installed capacities as well as in  technological and intellectual capital.   Tecton has proven experience in the project management, design, engineering, procurement and  construction of: Sea water Intake Systems & related Piping Networks RO Desalination Plants Pretreatment & Electro chlorination Water Purification Bottled Water Plants Water pumping stations Controls and instrumentation Industrial communication systems Wastewater Treatment  Our expertise includes design, engineering, procurement and construction of: Municipal Water Treatment Brackish Water Desalination Plant Sewage Treatment Plants & Reclamation Wastewater pumping stations Controls and instrumentation Industrial communication systems