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EPC Works for Potable Water System & Sewage Treatment Plant at Zirku Island

Our Scope:

Infrastructure Project works - Engineering, Procurement & Construction of:

Potable Water System, New RO Water Plant, Modifications and Integration with Existing RO Plants, New Pumping Station, New uphill Water storage tanks, Modifications to existing potable water networks, Water transmission Pipeline from new RO plant to Uphill reservoirs, Water distribution networks from Uphill reservoirs, New RO Water Plant (UF + RO 1st Pass + RO 2nd Pass) of total capacity of 4,500 m3/day (1 MIGD).

New Pumping Station (2d+1s) including valves, pipeline, piping, instruments, pumps, surge vessel and controls, Extension to Substation 13 includes 2 new 22kV/6.6kV (5000kVA) transformers & 2 new 6.6kV/400V (2000 kVA) transformers.

Modifications to existing potable water networks includes Addition of new valve chambers VC1A and VC4A, New valve chambers for CSTP, Army HQ area, Construction Camp area, LIWA site area, Water Transmission Pipeline from new RO plant to Uphill reservoirs.

Water Distribution networks from Uphill reservoirs to Centralized Sewage Treatment Plant (CSTP), Army HQ, Construction Camp, Living Area, Liwa Camp, Plant Area, Airport Area, Potable Water Treatment Plant.

Sewage Water System includes New Centralized STP, New Decentralized STP (3 nos.), New Sewage Lifting stations (6 nos.), Modification to existing gravity and pressure sewage networks, New Pressure sewer lines, New Gravity sewer lines and associated Road Works, Waste and Storm Water Works and associated Infrastructure activities.


Zirku Island


Zakum Development Company - ZADCO

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