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EPC For The Replacement Of Four Potable Water Tanks At Arzanah Island

Our Scope:

"ZADCO operates the Water Injection facilities for Satah offshore field from Arzanah Island located 180 Km North West of Abu Dhabi . The Island accommodates the personnel of Satah Offshore field including the Water Injection facilities . Potable water for the personnel accommodation is supplied by 4 nos . existing Potable water Tanks (PWT) Nos . 730-S-002 A/B/C/D .

These are made from lined Carbon Steel (CS) and are of bolted construction . These Tanks have been condemned for continuous service by ZADCO Facilities Integrity (FI) as all the lap sections of the bolted areas of Shell, Bottom plates and Roof plates are corroded and permanent hot work repairs are not feasible . The Tanks are over 30 years old and are considered uneconomical to repair .

 The PROJECT includes engineering, procurement and construction/installation of four new GRP Potable Water Tanks (730-S-030 A/B/C/D), which when complete will replace the existing CS Tanks which shall then be de-commissioned and demolished . The new Tanks shall be of GRP rectangular panel of superior construction, quality with lower operating & maintenance cost .

Scope of work for EPC For The Replacement Of Four Potable Water Tanks At Arzanah Island includes

• Demolition of 4 nos . existing Carbon Steel Potable water Tanks (PWT) Nos . 730-S-002 A/B/C/D, foundation and associated CS piping in brownfield running project site.

• Construction of 4 Nos. of new GRP rectangular panel Tanks to replace the existing CS tanks

• Tie In Works

• Associated GRE Piping, Associated Civil, Electrical and Instrumentation Works "


Arzanah / UAE


Zakum Development Company - ZADCO

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