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Rehabilitation and Replacement of Existing Sewer Lines in Abu Dhabi Island - Part 4

Our Scope:

Construction of the Works providing supply and installation of materials for carrying out augmentation to the Main Sewerage Works in Abu Dhabi Island - Part4 Sectors to meet the projected requirements of future developments and to enhance service quality to the public in a phased program.

• Upgrade and replacement of existing AC, VC, uPVC, and GRP sewer lines and associated structures using open cut and Non Destructive Method (NDM) excavation techniques at various scattered locations.

• Construction of new sewer lines at various locations within the project area.

• Refurbishment of manholes at exiting locations and construction of new manholes at existing or new locations.

• Pre-Rehabilitation and during rehabilitation carry out CCTV Inspection Survey & Profiling of pipe cross-section and measurement of deflections of existing VC sewers including flow control and cleaning works.

• Rehabilitation of existing VC, uPVC, and GRP sewers using the CIPP Lining Trenchless Method (Manhole to Manhole)

• Local Repair of existing VC, uPVC, and GRP sewers using the Local CIPP Trenchless Repair Method including Sealing of Sewers’ Joints

• Rehabilitation of sewer manholes including re-construction or repair works

• Disposal and abandoning of existing sewer lines and associated structures

• Preliminary works including soil investigations along the relatively deep sewers

• The reinstatement of surfaces disturbed or damaged as a result of the construction and / or maintenance of the works. Miscellaneous works including all trial pits/holes and the liaison with other contractors and consultants.

• Testing, commissioning and handing over of the project and the maintenance of all works for a period of 365 days.


Abu Dhabi, U.A.E


Abu Dhabi Sewerage Services Company – ADSSC

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