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Improvement of Water Distribution Network at Shahama & Bahia. Abu Dhabi

Our Scope:

Replacing the existing DN 600 mm gate valve with a new DN 600 mm butterfly valve.

Installation of new DN 500 mm area metering unit

Construction of new water mains consisting of DI I HDPE pipes sizes varied from DN 100 mm to DN 300 mm and Construction and carrying out changes to the existing water supply.

Renewing & upgrading of existing area metering unit & isolation valve unit and Construction & upgrade the existing DN 300 mm DI pipeline including construction of metering units.

Construction of new water distribution pipeline DN 150 mm DI or OD 180 mm HDPE to the group of commercial buildings including up gradation of area metering units, isolation valves.

Construction of new 400 mm DI or OD 450 mm HDPE pipeline interconnection between the existing DN 400 mm pressure ring main and 600 mm pipe line including 300 mm are metering units.

All necessary civil, electrical and mechanical works for complete the installation I construction and operation of the above


Abu Dhabi / UAE


Abu Dhabi Distribution Company - ADDC

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